Technical Information

Envelopes are constructed from Hyperlast™ (see our section on Fabric), a high-strength polyamide material that is coated with a special heat-resistant polymer. Hyperlast™ provides maximum tear resistance combined with an enhanced ability to withstand high temperatures. Many different fabric colors are available from stock, and special shades of Hyperlast™ can be produced to match corporate identity schemes exactly. And our skilled artists can reproduce company logos and lettering styles perfectly on each side of the airship hull and gondola.

Two slightly different envelope shapes are available: the AS MkII is the basic design, with the AS GD being a more streamlined variant with a slightly improved top speed. The main loads within both envelope models are carried by two catenary curtains, which transmit flight loads evenly into the gondola. The envelope is reinforced with a network of load tapes which provide additional longitudinal and circumferential strength. And in-flight stability is enhanced by large horizontal and vertical fins. These are complimented by a full-height rudder which provides excellent maneuverability.


The gondola has a tandem seating configuration. Excellent all-round visibility and comfort is provided from the twin racing-style seats. Each occupant is provided with flight controls, allowing in flight training. Full aircraft-style instrumentation is provided, and optional avionics packages include a VHF comms/transponder package, allowing the airship to fly in congested airspace. The gondola is constructed on a stainless steel tubular space frame clad with hand-fashioned aluminum paneling to minimize weight and aerodynamic resistance. Power is provided by a water-cooled Rotax engine linked to a high-thrust, low-noise carbon fiber propeller.


The burner system is an enhanced Cameron twin burner system with dual ignition and remote hand / foot operation. This powerful system provides the airship with effective heating under all conditions, while keeping burn times to a minimum.